2 February 2022
Delivered Digitally Live from the ICC Sydney
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At a Glance

Customer Service and Marketing

The changing expectations of the customer

COVID-19 will continue to change the world permanently with significant disruptions to business, customer service and marketing operations. With increasing competition and technology adoption, businesses will need to embrace digital innovation, master digital engagement, reinvent marketing strategy, become more customer centric and operate efficiently. This session will explore customer service trends, digital marketing initiatives, social media tools and strategies to design the roadmap for future business landscape.

  • Synching marketing and business development plans to generate new business
  • Deep customer insights and understanding from customer perspective across all key journeys
  • Leveraging digital technology to innovate and personalise customer experience
  • Incorporating social media channels to connect with customers in real time and build brand equity


Data Management and Security

Decoding the customer to get deeper insights

In a data-driven world, no business can afford to overlook the advantages of developing an effective data management strategy that will allow the business to scale. This session will explore main areas of concerns around managing data efficiently and cyber resilience, with in-depth discussions on:

  • Integrating, validating, and monitoring data and continuously optimising existing processes
  • Harnessing data to understand customer preferences and behaviours
  • Creating new revenue streams through data-driven products and services
  • Keeping on top of the changes and new regulations that are shaping data privacy
  • Building strong cyber defences and empowering your people and business to stay ahead of cyber threat


Contracting and Sales

Automating Contract Management

As technology and cloud-based work advances, it is difficult for organizations to contract, sign and maintain documentation physically as they used to. By embracing digital contracting, businesses will gain benefits in saved time, increased compliance, and greater ROI. This session will provide practical tips on digital contract management and sales strategies to ensure business continuity.

  • Implementing digital contracting to become client-centric, more efficient, and agile
  • Managing disputes and reducing risks by staying on top of current regulations and governance
  • Implementing a CRM platform that caters to your specific pain points and streamline workflows
  • Integrating of AI and CRM to help better understand your customers


People and Performance

Redesigning employee engagement and performance strategies

Isolation and economic upheaval caused by COVID has had a marked effect on people’s mental health and performance. It is critical for businesses to understand that large-scale shifts are changing how people work, how business gets done, and what the future of work looks like. Prioritizing and supporting mental health and wellbeing initiatives, work from home resources, and activities such as frequent communication and workplace behavior training will define their brand and reputation to their employees and customers. This session will explore main areas of concerns around workplace and technology, employee engagement and people performance, programs and leadership.


Payment and Finance

Integrating and streamlining payment experience

With most of the population staying at home it is important for businesses to adjust their offerings to help customers engage with their brand and products from home. This means making online payment transactions painless and smooth while also remaining safe and secure and designing effective strategies to meet your customers’ future needs. This session will explore best practices, tools, and innovative products to facilitate faster and smarter payments and finances.

  • Digital acceleration to automate and streamline payments and transactions
  • Managing disruptions to supply chains and their financing
  • Emerging trends that impact small business finance
  • Partnerships and innovations, risk management and regulation of digital financial inclusion

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